Conscious Lyrics, Conscious Lives


Do you ever think about how powerful our WORDS are?!

Words are truly the seeds of all creation. All that exists was once first spoken into existence.  This power of creation within our breath, within our words, is something (nearly) all humans possess.  And once we realize we have this power. we can then begin to understand how each word that comes out of our mouth is a magical spell, a technological tool, a poignant piece of the collective opus of reality.  We can literally choose use our words to help create the kind of world we truly want to live in.

 In the same light, the lyrics of the songs that we listen to are extremely powerful.  With music, we have the cosmic combination of words interwoven with sacred, rhythmic beats.  This dynamic duo creates a very impressionable and imprinting power that has the potential of lasting forever!  And the lyrical words sung by musicians are permeating our collective reality with their meaning, along with their intention.  When we sing along with songs, we are co-creating our reality in symbiosis with the musician. 

If musicians consciously choose lyrics that inspire, educate and elevate their listeners, then music has the power to inform and heal both the musician and the listener.  On the other hand,  if the lyrics are egocentric or even hateful or degrading, then music also has power to both oppress and denigrate its listeners … or even make the musician and listener unconsciously dis-eased and dis-connected from the whole of existence.  This in turn has the power to add to the violence, discrimination and disharmony that we see in our world today.  

We have a choice.  We can listen to music that has the intention of unifying humanity and cultivating more harmony and peace within ourselves and each other and our planet … or we can listen to music that is geared toward inflating certain human weaknesses, for example, discriminating toward others, taking more than we need, feeding addictions, destroying our beautiful planet, engaging in unconscious sexual behaviors and even making us feel unworthy …which then makes us want to go out and buy more material things in a desperate attempt to try and be more beautiful, more worthy, temporarily satiated, etc…

Choosing to listen to Conscious Music is like choosing to eat healthy food.  It’s like choosing to put intelligent and evolved information into our mind.  It’s like voting for an epic leader … a candidate that will honestly make great decisions for the benefit of ALL humanity and ALL of life on our planet.  It’s like saying, “YES!  I care about the words, ideas and impressions that go into my mind, because what goes in not only shapes and sculpts my body, mind and spirit … it also eventually comes out.” 

With this in mind, I’d love to offer you my song Moneyas a FREE download.  A present. No strings attached. This song has yet to be released to the public!  Whoohoo!  

You can link to this FREE download right here:

If you like the track, you might consider checking out ‘When in Om’.  It’s my latest album and it’s full of conscious lyrics for conscious lives 🙂

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