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“BethyLoveLight offers anthems for a peaceful planet!” – Brigitte Mars, Internationally Recognized Medical Herbalist 

“This is music that educates and elevates!” —Buddha Bomb, Radio Host and Electronic DJ

“Wow! Holy beautiful Goddess! This disc is amazing! Thank you for blessing us with your intergalactic planetary jams!” – Sunflower Mars, Pre-school Teacher

BethyLoveLight is a peaceful warrior who sings and raps for Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Peace, Sustainability, Equality and Freedom for ALL.  All of her songs are intentionally designed to continue inspiring the peaceful warriors of this planet who believe in, and are working toward, a truly sustainable and evolutionary advanced world. While creating and performing what she calls Muzoetry: Conscious Musical Poetry, she promotes Conscious Music as a necessary and key component for healing, educating and elevating humanity into higher and higher states of extremely diversified, yet totally unified states of Peace.

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