Music as Medicine!

img_7373Music intentionally created to unite and uplift humanity is absolutely necessary for a healthy and happy existence on this planet. I know this from direct experience. It wasn’t until I began creating and singing what I call “Muzoetry: Conscious Musical Poetry” that I truly began to fully heal myself from the inside out. Yes, healthy food is a must. And yes, getting great exercise and stimulating our mind is also crucial for radiant health. Yet the potent power of sacred sound in combination with educational and enlightening lyrics is of monumental benefit for healing our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Music penetrates deep into the core of our being. It makes a lasting impression. Have you ever just suddenly found yourself singing a tune from many, many years ago?  Or .. have you ever caught yourself repeating the song you just heard a few minutes ago on the radio or at the grocery store? Music has the power to enter both our conscious and our subconscious mind and create a lasting impression .. potentially forever!

So why not utilize all this magical musical power for the HIGHEST GOOD?!  Yes!!  By listening to high-vibe, intelligent and educational music that offers possible solutions for helping to make this world a better and brighter place, we are choosing to ‘download’ and imprint this information onto our ‘hard drive’, making it available to us every moment of our daily lives.

As I continue to sing Muzoetry around the world, I am calling out to all the Peaceful Warriors of this planet to WAKE UP and RISE UP and live within the ONE LOVE in every way possible every day.  I am reaching out through the sacred power of music and inviting each one of us to link our forces for the HIGHEST GOOD and to spread the word of Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Peace, Equality, Sustainability and Freedom for ALL.

This world needs US … each and every one of US!  Our planet is being fracked, polluted, pillaged and poisoned. Our food is being infiltrated with dangerous GMO’s and toxic chemicals.  Climate change is evident in every way, every day.  And violence, oppression and discrimination are more than rampant.  One by one, if we each begin to WAKE UP and RISE UP into our brightest, highest selves by learning about healthy eating, gardening, sustainable energy, conscious communication skills, ecological economics, water conservation techniques and the beauty of collective consciousness, we can truly begin to heal ourselves and each other and finally understand that we are all connected and that what we do the Earth and what we do to each other will eventually come directly back to US.  For we are ONE BEING that shares the water, the air, the fire, the earth and a unified Great Spirit.

Just by listening to Conscious Music, you are taking a huge step toward helping to make this world a better place.  Isn’t it so totally cool that music is incredibly powerful?!  That we can consciously utilize it to learn, inspire, uplift and heal?!  And … we can simultaneously ROCK OUT and dance ourselves into enlightenment!

Together … we are creating a more conscious, peaceful and sustainable world.  I look forward to continuing this new musical connection that you and I are establishing.

If you’d like to hear some more sample songs from my latest album, “When in Om”, please click here.

Thank you for being open to the world of Muzoetry and to all of the evolutive possibilities that can be born from listening to Conscious Music.