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Thanks so much ordering my lastest album ‘When in Om‘.  Before you go, I’d like to remind you of something very special …

I’m on a mission … and I’m reaching out to others that are on this mission too.  This mission is to create a sustainable and peaceful world where ALL beings have the opportunity to be healthy, happy, holy and free. When I rap and sing, I am calling out to ALL of you PEACEFUL WARRIORS on this planet, who are also on this mission, to please take that leap and open your heart and your mind to be a clear vessel and CONSCIOUSLY join the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS that unifies us ALL. For when take this leap, we immediately become open to the UNIVERSAL ONE LOVE.  This UNIVERSAL ONE LOVE exists EVERYWHERE,  ALL AT ONCE ,  IN EVERY MOMENT.  And when we tap into this UNIVERSAL ONE LOVE WAVE, we are able to communicate across the planet and share pertinent information that will help us all on our collective mission.  This is where conscious music comes in.

Music is ALIVE and able to be absorbed through the existence of both light and sound.  And when we tap into a WAVE, like the UNIVERSAL ONE LOVE WAVE, with the LIGHT of our mind and our heart,we are truly able to hear it and totally absorb it into our consciousness.

And when the UNIVERSAL ONE LOVE WAVE is absorbed into our consciousness (via our pineal gland), we are then able to actually SEE and EXPERIENCE all of existence as ONE LIVING BEING.This conscious awareness, by way of the direct experience of ONENESS, affects our perception … and this is where our actions stem from :  PERCEPTION.  And when we truly experience reality as ONE entity, we are more likely to make decisions that WILL BENEFIT THE GREATEST GOOD.Because we see and feel that WE are a part of the WHOLE … THE GREATEST GOOD.  And literally, what we do to others, we do unto ourselves.

This is precisely the reason why I make music and then send it over the digital and radio air WAVES to all of you.  It’s because I have something to share with you … From one PEACEFUL WARRIOR to another.  And my hope is that you will listen and absorb the music, which is created from and sung from, the UNIVERSAL ONE LOVE WAVE.  And the more of us that connect and ride this WAVE together, the more quickly we will begin to see a sustainable and peaceful world, created from within us and experienced all around us.

Due to the fact that you have already chosen to ride the UNIVERSAL ONE LOVE WAVE with me by purchasing ‘When in Om’,  I feel inclined to offer you a HUGE discount on ALL the other music I’ve ever made thus far on my journey here on Earth!


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